The Endowment Book Of Life is a collection of reflections, histories and hopes for the future expressed by members of our community. It is a living testimony to those who have enabled our community to flourish because of their dedication, support and commitment to tzedakah. The Endowment Book Of Life honors those who have made commitments to establish an ongoing connection to the lives and generations to come. The gifts represented in this Book of Life know no bounds of age, wealth, or affiliation. Each gift represents the donor’s commitment to the survival and continuity of our people. Through the Endowment Book Of Life, we acknowledge the essential connectedness of our lives with those who came before us and with those yet to come. May this Endowment Book Of Life become a treasured document of our Jewish community.

For more information about the Book of Life contact Josh Stein at 913-327-8121 or [email protected].