Dr. Irene and Leonard Bettinger

We not only live in a society. We are intimately linked to it. We participate with family and friends in our daily lives; we work at home or outside of our home; we prepare a meal, join a life cycle celebration, attend a show—we always are part of our surroundings, our community, our society. For this community to respond to its members—to us—we must participate as active members.

Such involvement returns even more to us. It educates us. It provides us exciting challenges. It gives us new values and wonderful friendships. To receive these rewards, our participation must include both our time and money.

A strong personal connection to tzedakah and tikkun olam comes from my grandfather Horrace Heller in Warsaw, my parents Paul and Edwina Heller in Vancouver, Canada and our Leonard in Kansas City. Our Bettinger home has continued to practice these ideals, finding unlimited satisfaction in such philanthropic commitment. This is a keystone in one of the many arches that support our Jewish traditions. It is my fervent hope that our children may never lose this tradition —this understanding—and this joy.