Rabbi Herbert J. Mandl & Barbara Mandl

Our contribution to Kehilath Israel Synagogue through the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City has been motivated by my third of a century service as senior rabbi of Kehilath Israel Synagogue. Our congregation is one hundred years old and represents the voice of tradition in Kansas City. It is extremely important to us that the values and traditional flavor of Kehilath Israel Synagogue continue on for generations to come. In making this dream come true it is important that the funding be there to hire appropriate traditional clergy and to continue the value systems of our synagogue. The Jewish community in general through its philanthropy is very important in its message to the Jewish community. If Judaism is to survive in Kansas City it needs the financial backing to do that. It is also extremely important with the extremes of religion today in Judaism as well as other faiths that there be a traditional middle for families so motivated to worship in that fashion. Kehilath Israel Synagogue represents that position and hopefully our gift will help continue those values.