Rich and Judy Hastings

Our commitment to Holocaust education and the Jewish community began the first year of our marriage on a visit to Dachau. Stationed in Germany we visited Dachau on the way back from a joyous and festive time in Munich. In a matter of seconds our joy turned to sorrow. As we approached the eerie sculpture at the gate we knew our lives would change. The Holocaust became real, literally too real for us to let the image be erased from our minds. From that day to a much later day praying the mourner’s Kaddish at Auschwitz, our lives became focused on ensuring that the world never forget the indescribable failure of man to love and cherish the Jewish community. Our commitment to the “community” is born of love and hopefully shown in deed. We are grateful to be a small part of this Jewish community. May none of us ever forget our commitment to each other.