Alice and Harry Statland, M.D.

Half of each of our donations will go to Village Shalom for those elders who may need assistance to live in dignity.  The remainder is to the Jewish Community Foundation.  The Jewish people have a long history of contributions to humanity starting with Abraham, Moses, and Yeshua (Jesus), philosophers, advisors to caliphs and kings, and many governments.

Breaking out of the imposed ghettos, we became “court Jews” and financiers to many European governments and even helped finance the American Revolution.  Jews were the leading composers, musicians, and artists of the new art in Germany in the late 19th century…Scientists, such as A. Einstein, R. Feynman, and many others won Nobel prizes.  We have been healers, teachers, humanitarians, prime ministers and statesmen.  It is truly a unique and proud history that belongs to us.  If assimilation continues at its present rate, the history will be forgotten and will belong to no one.

We would like these funds to be used to encourage young adults of our people to meet and mix with each other and to appreciate what our ancestors have contributed and to be proud to be Jewish.  We need to carry on our traditions in a modern mode but respect the old traditions.  We leave funds to help the youth of today to be aware of the past and to be proud to keep their identity and to pass it on to future generations.