Frances and Jack Brown

Our parents and grandparents set wonderful examples as we were growing up. Both of our families reinforced the obligation to be charitable, whatever our circumstances.

My father spent his time soliciting funds for the Zionist cause, and Frances’ great grandfather collected money for dowries for brides in Europe! Both of our mothers’ involvement in Hadassah taught us about volunteering and giving back to the community. Frances remembers collecting money for the Federation when she was 13 or 14. She went into poor neighborhoods and saw how happy people were to give their small savings for tzedakah. This was a lesson she has never forgotten.

As a young man, I remember helping to start the Jewish Federation at the YMHA on Linwood and working with Max Bretton. I spent many years soliciting for the Federation, and am proud to have been among the founders of the Jewish Community Foundation.

We both feel so fortunate and blessed that we can help future generations maintain the programs and services that they will need to preserve and grow our Jewish community.