Harry and Gail Himmelstein

Growing  up  in  Kansas  City,  I  took  for  granted  the  multiple  synagogues,  our  JCC  that  was  my  home away from home, Village Shalom where I would go with my father after Sunday School to see my Bubba, SYO, AZA, and BBYO. I went to Hebrew School and had a Bar Mitzvah. As a young adult I was involved with Federation and Super Sunday. Practically, all my friends and social experiences revolved around my Jewish life.

Gail was from Mankato, Minnesota and had no Jewish friends growing up. Her Dad drove her 80 miles each way to go to Sunday School. When she arrived at Tulane University and started having Jewish friends, a whole new world opened to her. Coming to KC to live was a dream with a vibrant Jewish life available to her and she immersed herself in the community. She joined many organizations, working hard to support them as a volunteer and a donor.

We have always given to the Jewish Community to help insure our Jewish life for future generations. We are pleased to be able to make a bigger impact and it is our way to appreciate the “generational leaders” who are the CEOs of the organizations we are funding.