Rosalyn and Howard Jacobson

We were raised by our parents and grandparents to be active members of the community and assist those in need. We both contributed part of our allowance to the “Blue Box” of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) to help plant trees in Israel.

Our ancestors were very active in the Jewish community of Kansas City. Our grandfathers were officers in their synagogues and our fathers served as presidents of their respective congregations.

We have been active in assisting people and organizations in the general community and especially the Jewish community of greater Kansas City. Our goal has been to help build organizations that enrich the lives of our fellow citizens and assist those in need.

We are training our children on the importance of charity and know they and our grandchildren will continue the family tradition of helping others.

We have been very impressed with the commitment of the staff and trustees of the Jewish Community Foundation and their desire to improve the lives of our fellow citizens of greater Kansas City.