Sue and Joel Vile

We have been motivated by: Our experiences in the past; our perception of the current situation; and our desire to be a positive influence on the future.

The past is characterized by the role model set by our parents.  They were active in nearly every area of the Jewish community.  Like a bird that learns to fly by watching the mother bird, we learned the basic tenets of giving.  Volunteering our time, organizational skills and financial aid are all based on what our parents taught us.

Over the past few years we have visited Israel and seen how our contributions have helped this struggling Jewish nation.  Serving on the boards and committees of many Jewish institutions and agencies has given us an insight into how the Jewish community comes together in order to help the many segments of our society.  These experiences have served as additional motivation for our involvement with the community.

There are no guarantees our children will follow the paths we consider the best.  The best course is to do just as our parents did, set an example.  We are also concerned for our institutions and agencies.  Just as Johnny Appleseed made sure there were trees long after he was gone, our participation now can insure the continuity of Jewish institutions.

If it is true that you are “known by the company you keep”, then we are honored to be placed among the Kansas City Jewish role models.  They are people who care about the Jewish community.  Sue and I would like to thank the Jewish Community Foundation for the opportunity to be included in The Book of Life.