Allison DeWitt

As with so many others, my life has been intimately connected to The J, beginning with attending preschool at the 82nd and Holmes building.  I learned how to dance, swim and perform on stage at the Resident Theatre.  My teenage and young adult years were happily spent with friends at BBYO meetings and family at The J.  My boys have had the same building blocks that I did.  Attending preschool, camp and also working at The J.  This is the same story for my Dad.  Three generations, all enjoying the community and benefits of the amazing programs and activities.   

Now, I am employed as the Executive Assistant at The Jewish Community Center.  I would have never imagined myself in such a wonderful position fourteen years ago.  I’m a witness to the thousands of people who take part in the myriad of activities offered, from infancy to seniors, each year.  The J is here for us now, even in the difficult times, and I want to ensure the continuity of this great institution.